After doing a wonderful job in all fields, Electronics seems to have  reached certain limits. Here is where the  importance of PHOTONICS is to be analysed. The  capability of a photon to carry information signals are being widely researched. It has become successful up to a certain limit in the communication field after the introduction of Fibre Optics. But  the capability of a photon in computing and control is still a question mark in front of the scientists.

A photon is simply an energy packet in the concept of material nature of Light. The scientists were able to develop optics into photonics in the last decade, and it now is the blood and vein of communication. The introduction of optical fibres to carry information through long distances without losses revolutionized the field of Photonics. An optical fibre is an optical device, that passes light through it without loses, with the help of Total Internal Reflection. Nowadays all the international Internet cables use the principles of Fibre optics for efficient data transfer. LASER technology also is an important advancement of Photonics in the technology field. It is the second most used device after COMPUTER.

The dreams of Photonics Technology would be realized only if proper materials with large nonlinear susceptibility and fast response apart from ease of preparation and handling could be developed.


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  • I did my master thesis (about photonic crystals) in technical physics, majoring in photonics 10 years ago. I was impressed then like you with such possibility and I was eager to design and construct such PCBs. 10 years passed and such PCBs are not common. I assume that It might be seen in some high-end, very expensive routers placed in internet hubs.

    10 years passed and I’m still frustrated that job offers in photonics are rare as unicorns (at least in Poland), so I work as code developer, tester, electronics engineer (closest to my hart) and everything else.

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