In this era of increasing petroleum costs, the arrival of hybrid vehicles is inevitable. Energy consumption is rising day to day resulting  in the decrease of natural resources. The fuel consumption rate all over the world in going up. So we have to find alternate sources of energy for using vehicles. Also the threats to the nature by the increasing number of fossil fuel vehicles is increasing. thus all these circumstances lead us to the world wide application of Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

A hybrid electric vehicle is a vehicle that combines an IC (internal Combustion) engine and Electric Propulsion. Usually the fuel cells are used in these vehicles. It is intended to give more power efficiency, fuel economy, eco – friendliness and better performance. Both two wheelers and three wheelers come in hybrid type. They increase efficiency by using regenerative braking, that helps for avoiding the energy loss that arises when we use conventional brakes.

 When the hybrid vehicles were first introduced into the market, the marketers expected a globally revolutionized sale, but it never happened due to various reasons such as high initial cost, heavy current consumption, accidents caused due to extremely silent engine etc..

But now even the developing countries like INDIA has decided for price hike in petroleum products and DIESEL vehicles , so the need for hybrid vehicles has again got public attention. The hybrid vehicles has been introduced by many companies again, and succeeded to a certain extent , resulting in the increased population of hybrid scootys on our roads. As a member of society, it is our duty to promote and help the popularization of hybrid vehicles , to help ourselves, the society and our mother nature!!!!!!


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